In a world where 95% of newbies fail to start a profitable online business due to lack of capital…

You Can Now Discover How To Raise As Little as 30k Or As Much as 150k In A Week Using An Easy to Follow Method That Works and Will Work for You.

The good news is – with this new method, you can easily raise the capital you need to start any online business model without having to borrow from anyone.

Hello there,

My name is Clement Udoh, and I’m an online entrepreneur who’s passionate about helping people succeed financially in life and business.

Back then in 2021, I was just a mere broke guy who couldn’t afford the least 30k to start an online business.

In fact this was me in 2021 when I was still a salary earner.

(me in 2021)

I was so broke that most times, my salary was already spent before the month is over.

I knew something had to change… but what?

Over the next 18 months, I went from earning 25k monthly as salary, to earning over 200k monthly at the comfort of my home.

In that time period, I made a total of 4.9 million naira in profit across 2 online businesses I got started with…

but unlike everyone, I didn’t have any savings to use as capital to start these online businesses.

what really changed was…

I discovered a powerful system that helped me raised capital to start these online businesses quickly without having to borrow a dime from anyone.

And today I’ve been able to reveal this same method to other people like you who have also used it to raise money for themselves.

So if you’re interested in starting a profitable online business like

✅ E-commerce

✅ Affiliate marketing

✅ Amazon kdp

✅ Ghostwriting

✅ Crypto/forex trading

✅ Mini importation

✅ Info-marketing

✅ freelancing

or any other online business you may have interest in…


You can use this proven system of raising money to raise the capital you need without having to


❌ break the bank

❌ borrow money from loan apps

❌ or borrow a dime from anyone

I know you may be asking, “can’t I borrow money from someone to start an online business?”

Well, borrowing money for a business isn’t bad in itself but it’s never advisable to borrow money when starting an online business you are new to.

So here are just a few reasons why you should never borrow money to start an online business.

1.  You are not guaranteed of success in the business model you want to venture into, which can make it difficult to pay back when you fail in the business.


2. You are not sure of making quick profits in the business like other people since you’re just starting out, and this will make it difficult for you to pay back on time.


3. To avoid unpleasant pressure & high interest rates from money lenders or loan apps companies when you can’t pay back on the agreed date.

…and these are just a few of them 

So instead of borrowing money to start an online business like the ones listed above…

you can actually raise the money you need which is more

✅ safe

✅ preferable

✅ and has no risk to it.

But the problem is: most people don’t know how to raise money.

That’s why I want to show you how this system works so you can be able to use it to raise the money you need as fast as possible

Now this system consists of two methods which is

1. The system of raising money offline: where you get to raise money from people within your reach which is more easier and simple to do.


2. The system of raising money online: whereby you offer something of value to people online in exchange for their money.

With these 2 methods combined, you can easily raise money quickly to start any online business as soon as possible.


And without doubt, this system of raising money works all the time and they’re so powerful that once you discover it…

you can use it to raise money for any personal purposes without having to think of borrowing money from anyone.


So if you’re interested in discovering this system today…

Then it’s with a great pleasure, I will be introducing you to my ebook titled


I actually gave this book this title not because I revealed the both systems/methods of raising money in it,

but because they were the life changing system that helped me raise money to start my online businesses then when I had no money.

Inside this book, you will discover…

  • The proven system I used to raise money without borrowing money from anyone and how this system can help you raise money from scratch. (Page 27) 


  • The Four Non-profitable Models To Avoid When Raising Money Online – avoiding these models will save you from wasting your precious time and hard earned money on money models that don’t work. (Page 50)


  • The sure fire methods you can use to raise money for any business model without taking any loan from anyone – with these other methods revealed, you will be able to raise the money you need as fast as possible. (Page 54)

And not only did I reveal these systems/methods of raising money…

I also shared some powerful secrets that would help you succeed in any online business you desire to go into,

here is just a fraction of secrets I shared.

  • The 7 must-know factors to consider before deciding on any business to start. You should not start any online business until you read this. (Page 77)


  • Why most people fail after starting an online business and what you must do to avoid it. (Page 88)


  • The 2 things you must achieve first before quitting your job to start an online business and how it can save you from failing in the business. (Page 89)


  • What to do when you feel like quitting any online business you may venture into and why doing these things can help you get back on track to succeed in that business. (Page 84)


  • Recommended books to read that will help you succeed in your online business – the information in these books have helped me and few Nigerians today to succeed in our online businesses. (Page 105)

There are still other secrets I revealed inside this book which I can’t list all here.

And the best part is…

You can use the systems/methods revealed in this book to raise money just within an hour of reading this book.

You just have to know where to look… and the first place to look is inside this book.

But before I discovered these systems, it took me over 3 months to figure out…

the hard, slow and expensive way 😔

but I want to save you the 3 months of trial and error that it took me… and just give you access to these system/methods

the fast, cheap and easy way 🚀

which is why I value this ebook today at only a fraction of my investment (time & money) for just ₦10,000

Value: ₦10,000

Meanwhile, if you are the type who don’t have the time to read my book of over 100 pages…

then I have a good news for you.

I’ve summarized everything in my book into a simple checklist of just 2 pages named;

The Fast Track to Raise Money Checklist

With this checklist, you can easily discover the both systems/methods of raising money in just a 2 page pdf file.


And even if reading my 100 page book can actually help you discover how to raise money to start an online business within a short period of time.


I want to make sure you discover these systems as fast as possible which is why I will be giving you access to this 2 page checklist today of which I value at only a fraction of my time and money for ₦5000 only

Value: ₦5000

However, if you prefer discovering this system in the form of a video guide where you get to watch series of videos in modules revealing this system to you…

then I made this for you.

The Raise Money Online Blueprint

This is literally a short online course I created for you to easily discover how these systems/methods of raising money works.

In this blueprint, I explained in details

✅ How you can use this system to raise money offline

✅ How you can easily raise money online

✅ And all you need to know that would help you raise money to start and succeed in the online business you want to venture into.

But creating this course cost me a lot of resources and took me over 6 hours to create.

and because I want you to understand how this system works, so you can easily use it to raise money for yourself…

I have decided to let you get access to this course today of which I value at only a fraction of my investment (time, energy & money) for ₦10,000 only.

Value: ₦10,000

Well, I understand that when it comes to raising money, there are some things you may not understand quite well which you would like to ask questions to get more clarity on.

So I created a closed community where you can ask all your questions… named;

The Raise Money Online Community 

In this online community, I usually hold a weekly live question and answer session on Sundays by 7pm to answer any questions you may have about raising money to start an online business. 


And if spending an extra minutes or hour to answer your questions during the live session can give you more clarity on how to use these system/methods to raise money quickly…


then I will be giving you access to this community today of which I value at only a fraction of my time for ₦5000 only.

Value: ₦5000

Now, if you’re the type who wants to start an online business like


Affiliate marketing

or any online business

that requires you to invest more money into the business when scaling for more sales and more leads

Then I created a special checklist for you which I titled…

The Scale Your Business Checklist

In this checklist, I revealed other proven methods to raise money when growing or scaling your online business.


I recently applied the methods when scaling one of my online business and it worked for me.


These methods are so powerful but works when raising money to scale your online business to the next phase.


And because I want you to also discover these methods so you can use it to raise money to scale your online business…

I’ve decided to let you have a copy of this checklist today of which I value for only a fraction of my investment (time and money) for ₦5,000 only

Value: ₦5,000

So if these are all you will be getting from me today…

The total value of everything listed here today is actually ₦30,000

And I would advise, you get access to all these resources today so you can use the contents in them to raise the money you need as soon as possible

and even if I decide to charge you half of it’s value today (₦15,000) as a one time fee to get access to all these resources today,

it’s still worth the price…

but I won’t ask you to pay such amount.

And before I tell you the price, let me ask you a question?

If investing ₦7,500 to get access to all this resources could help you raise a capital of 30k or 150k in the next 7 – 30 days…

Would that be worth investing?

Now think about this

If all this did… was to help you raise money to start an online business and quit your job like it did for me…

Would it be worth it?

Because Emma also used this same system of raising money offline to raise 30k within few days of getting access to this system 

And what about Stanley who also used the other system/method of raising money online to raise over ₦400k within 3 months for himself

His goal was to raise ₦500k and he was able to achieve that the following month using this system…

which he later used the money to start an online business that has made him millions of naira today.

(Joshua Mba [co-founder of stakecut] with Stanley at the 360 business conference 2023)

So if investing ₦7,500 could help you discover how to raise as much as ₦500k like it did for Stanley,

wouldn’t that be a great deal?

And the best part is,

you only have to invest once to get access to all these systems… but get to raise a lot of money from it…

So which would you choose

₦7,500 in your bank account OR

Invest ₦7,500 to discover how to raise more money to start your desired online business.

Of course, you would choose the second option

And because I want you to discover these systems and methods today


I’m not going to ask you to pay ₦7,500…


because I want it to be very affordable for you but yet still be an investment.


And because of that . . .

I’m going to give you access to everything listed on this page today…

How to raise money when there’s no money

Fast track to raise money checklist (2 pages)

Raise money online blueprint

Raise money online community

Scale your business checklist

All for a single payment of



But one more thing!

And it’s my FREE bonus report!

I’m currently giving out my special report for FREE as a bonus to those who are fast in taking action to get access to this system.


Though, not everyone will get this report for free as I am willing to give out this special report to 200 persons only

So the special bonus report I’m currently giving out for free today is

The 24 Hour Raise Money Report

Suppose you are a newbie who wants to start an online business but do not have the needed capital to start.

And suppose your life depended on raising money fast to get started in the business model as soon as possible… let’s say in 24 hours from now

what would you do?

In other words, what if your life literally depended on starting a profitable online business within the next 24 hours,

how would you raise such money in 24 hours?


Well, in my eBook/video course, I have disclose the proven and tested system which anyone can use to raise money…


But in this free report which you will be getting for free,


I have also revealed a unique and powerful method which you can use to raise money within 24 hours or less.


This is a method I tried for the first time in 2022 and raised over ₦50K within 24 hours…

And here’s also a testimonial from someone, who used this same method to raise over 60k in less than 24 hours.

So if I were to sell this bonus report to anyone today, it would be sold for nothing less than ₦15,000

but because I want you to get access to this report today…

I will let you get access to this report for FREE only if you are among the first 200 persons to get my eBook plus the other bonuses for ₦5000.

It's Free for the first 200 persons only!

But I’ve got good news & bad news

The good news is

the 24 hour raise money report is still available for FREE if you order right now

but the bad news is

you may likely not get this checklist for free if you delay for too long…

because they’re over 2000 affiliate marketers who are currently promoting this offer today to their audience of about 25,000+ people.

And even if only 1% of their audience (that’s 250 persons) decides to place an order today,

about 160 persons will still not get access to this free special report…

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and I’m still receiving more orders currently…

so I have just less than 92 persons remaining after which this free bonus report will be taken down immediately.

And once this free bonus report is taken down,

Just know… it’s gone forever and it won’t be available for sale anywhere else other than you getting it here for free, so hurry!

Here’s everything you’re getting now for ₦5000

Total value: ₦45,000

Get all for ₦5000 only


Note: Only digital formats are available which can be accessed with either your smartphone, tablet or laptop at your convenience…

And you will get instant access to everything listed on this page (including the free bonus report) once your payment is confirmed.

See you on the inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to use the systems/methods you talk about to raise money for the online business I want to start?

the best way to find out is to get on the inside, use its contents, and see for yourself.

Am I getting everything here for just ₦5000 only?

Currently, you are getting everything here today for just ₦5000 but the price will increase to ₦7,500 anytime soon due to high demand for this offer.

Will I still get the free bonus report if I don’t order today?

Well, there’s no guarantee that you will get the free report if you order tomorrow or next,

as it’s available for just 200 persons only after which it will be taken down immediately.

So for you not to miss out… your best option is to place your order now while it’s still available for free.